I'm in the business of making your business successful.

I know first hand just how much there is to do in a business to make it run smoothly and grow. I provide solutions for your business to help make that easier; giving you more time in your life to focus on the things that are important to you.

I offer a unique blend of support from Website Design & Maintenance to Social Media Management, Process Consulting and Administration & Marketing services. Whether you’re looking for expert advice, need to streamline and grow your business or want to outsource time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant, Little Ant Consulting is your dedicated partner.

What would you like to do?


Does your inbox make your eye twitch? Do you struggle to find files in your cloud storage? I’ve got the OCD skills to pay the bills and sort your life out.


Want to start your business but not sure where to begin? I can build your website, set up your social media and get your systems in place so that you can get going!


Having trouble converting clients? I’m a process guru. I can help your business grow through a top-notch customer pipeline, that looks good & feels easy.


Struggling to come up with social media posts each week? I can help you create engaging content, plan your schedule and post on your behalf.


Is your business so awesome that the world needs two of you? I can help you expand by getting your current processes into repeatable systems.

Virtual Assistant Business Support Digital Marketing Business Coach

Little Ant is the perfect fit
for you.

I’m a big believer in adaptability which is why I custom build my solutions to you. I understand that your business isn’t like every other business – maybe you’re a ‘Mumpreneur’ juggling family life and boss life, a builder who is trying to build their business and build homes or a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist trying to change people’s lives – whatever your passion is, I’d love to support you in your business.


I can give you more time
and more customers


My Happy Clients!


I support my clients, Australia-wide, from my home office on the Sunshine Coast. I use cloud-based software and the magic of modern day technology to get the job done. Less overheads for me, equals better value for money for you AND a reduced environmental footprint. As they say – winner, winner, chicken dinner!

*no chickens were harmed in the making of this website.
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