I’m Ashlee – your friendly, human-sized expert behind Little Ant Consulting. I work virtually from my home office on the Sunshine Coast (Gubbi Gubbi land) in Queensland.

Bio’s aren’t very fun to write so here are some basics you need to know – I have 10+ years of experience in Administration, Marketing and Advertising. I have worked with a range of industries and businesses of all shapes and sizes; what I noticed over the years, was that no matter where I went I always did the same things – put my heart and soul into my roles, problem-solved, innovated, and went the extra mile to help grow my employers business. Can you guess which animal I think that sounds like?

I also noticed that after a while I craved new challenges and opportunities that weren’t always there. So In 2019, I took that thirst for business development and started Little Ant Consulting – a place that gives me the opportunity to use my expertise and passion to develop a variety of businesses, learn new skills and continually challenge myself.

You might be thinking by this point, “that sounds a bit cliche”, but I honestly love helping people… my motivation is selfish really! I feel awesome when I’ve helped someone to understand something they didn’t know before or supported them in growing their business.

My focus is on doing what I am good at, driving results for my clients and hopefully making a difference to their lives.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about me, keep scrolling for more facts and the thing we all came here for… a cute photo of my fur-ssistant

Ashlee Maher, founder and lead Ant at Little Ant Consulting

Ashlee Maher

Director of Ants, Administration Sorceress, Mother of Plants, Builder of Websites & rightful heir to the seven realms of O.C.D.

I would consider myself to be a resident ‘Do-er’, I’m that person in a business that no matter my role, others will come to for help. If I don’t know how to do something, I go searching for the answer and learn.

Having worked in Administration and Marketing for over a decade, I’ve absorbed a tonne of knowledge including Computer Systems, Business Processes, Branding, Social Media, Content Creation and Website Design.

I’m a dedicated problem-solver, who can’t go past a good naming-convention or spreadsheet, and I am obsessed with creating things. Which is why I love building websites and developing business processes.

When I’m not head first in building people’s empires, I can usually be found mountain biking with my husband, cooking up a storm, travelling the globe, sipping cups of tea or adding ideas to my countless Pinterest boards.

Four-pawed Helper

This is Fritz (AKA Fritzy Boy, AKA Fluff Nugget, AKA Chicken Fritzel).

Fritz is Little Ant’s perpetual Employee of the Month. His primary role within Little Ant is to provide cuddles, chase lizards and alert me when it’s dinner-time.
Fritz is a sock enthusiast and amateur wrestler, he loves to show off his acrobatic skills and play with any dog or human that.crosses.his.path.


My Values






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